Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Updates - April 2009

Terribly sorry for the very long silence. Work just piled up while I was travelling during March. I still owe you all a post on the remaining 2 ADC Tour event as well as the 3rd Hong Kong Dancesport Festival event. I will get to that, never fear.

Meanwhile, I have updated the Events list and the Class list on the side bar. Several new class slots have become available with the merging of a few senior classes. So have a look as see if there's anything suitable for you and give me a buzz if you have questions. Also many new events have been added on to the events list. See if there's anything you'd like to attend and contact the organizers for more details on ticket pricing or entry forms.

I've also added on a couple of dances to my 'favourite line dance' list. I attended a jamming session on the 18th April held by the FunStomppers at the TTDI Community Hall where my good friend Mei Ling presented one of her latest dances which I took quite a shine to even though I did make a minor change to the step sheet, with her permission, of course. Once I learn how to link you to the step sheets you'll be able to download them straight from here, but for now you'll have to search for it yourself with the information i've provided in the side bar. I've also just completed a new waltz done to the beautiful song "If I Were a Painting by Kenny Rodgers" which I have named 'Painting'. I should have that up on my website soon for you to download. I'm also planning to twist Sze's arm to set up a You Tube channel for me so you can finally view some of my demo video's which i've been promising many of you for oh so long.

Well, that about all I can give you for now. I hope to get time soon to update you all. Take care, keep dancing and remember - age is just a number.


Sze Yen said...

Twist my arm?? I've been uploading videos for you on my own channel for ages!! :D

Fine fine I'll help you set up your own YouTube channel. It's pretty easy!

Soo said...

Hey Bronya, I like that ~ "age is just a number"! Remember what Rosie Multari shared with us about her class of 90 year olds, they were all sitting down and resting after 1 min into the dance! At least they can still dance wow!

That's why as long as I'm still enjoying it, I'm going to keep on dancing, provided my knees can take it haha!! :-)