Friday, September 4, 2009

Malaysian Open Dance Fest 2009 - 29th August 09

Line Dance Team

Modern Jazz Team

Crystal & Diamond Line Dance Team Champions

Poco Poco Team

Line Dance Individual, Diamond

Despite having a power failure during the first quarter of the function, the competition turned out to be quite a success. We had some great dancers on the floor in the diciplines of Poco Poco, Line Dancing, Modern Jazz, Hip Hop and Belly Dancing. Each discipline was devided into categories for individual & teams, skill levels & ages.

The organizers - Teressa Liu, Emily Mah and Lane Lee, were first timers at this and there were the inevitable teething problems. However, by working together with a very supportive frame of helpers, almost all problems were overcome.

Once the electricity came back on and we discovered that the air conditioning units had failed to return, everyone just gritted their teeth and carried on with it. Here's some information/details you might like to know.

Panel of Adjudicators :Teresa Liu - Chief Adjudicator, Bryan Ang, Siew Yew Peng, Daniel Leong, Helen Fan, Nancy Loo, Alvin Lee, Jessie Foo, Jocelyn Peh, Ganesh K, Annie Ong, Morina Mohamad, Ann Tan, Lily Chin, Wendy Loh, Mac Chong, Karen Castillo.

Results of the competition :

Line Dance Indv. Junior - #48 Jovitta Law Min Hui
Line Dance Indv. Newcomer - #124 Menaka Hewawasam (Sri Lanka)
Line Dance Indv. Open - #20 Lim Sae Min
Line Dance Indv. Crystal - #22 Soong Weei Wah
Line Dance Indv. Diamond - #159 Pat Sung
Line Dance Team Junior - #49 Star Angels
Line Dance Team Open - #50 G Force
Line Dance Team Crystal - #106 Danz Ace
Line Dance Team Senior - #106 Danz Ace
Line Dance Showcase - #5 Jurairat Choomchor (Thailand)

Poco Poco Team Open - #44 Cendana Mas

Modern Jazz Indv. Open - #95 Simone Phong
Modern Jazz Team Open - #74 Royal 307

Belly Dance Indv. Newcomer - #2 Stella Lee
Belly Dance Indv. Intermediate - #34 Teoh Khai Shin
Belly Dance Troupe Open - #31 Dance 99

Hip Hop Indv. Kids (Under 8) - #37 Darren Ong
Hip Hop Indv. Junior (Under 16) - #58 Maggie Foo
Hip Hop Indv. Beginners (Adults) - #124 Menaka Hewawasam (Sri Lanka)
Hip Hop Indv. Open - #56 Chriz Chiam
Hip Hop Team Junior - #162 2 5 Step Viva Champ
Hip Hop Team Open - #73 Flight 307

Congratulations to all the winners and well done to everyone who took part. It takes a lot of courage to enter a competition and everyone who does, is a winner in their own book. If you didn't achieve your goal this time, just aim for the next. Now with this event being sanctioned by the IDO (International Dance Organization), next years event promises to be bigger and better so start getting ready now. I forsee the date for next year's event will very likely be 28th August 2010. See you all then.

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