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1st Bellare International Championship 2010

The 1st Bellare was organized by the lovely Melvyn & Nancy Low under their studioMelvyn Low Dance Studio and was held at the Orchard Hotel, Singapore. It wasendorsed by SBDTA and supported by WDC. It has been a long time coming and I couldn't have been happier for this lovely pair to finally see their dream of hosting their own championship come through. Being the warm couple that they always have been many of the friends they have made over the their years of dancing all came together to help them bring this event to a successful conclusion. They did have their challenges, but they overcame them with the grace that has carried them through all their challenges to date. I am so pleased for them. During the formalities of the evening section of the competition, Melvyn gave a touching tribute to his beautiful wife, Nancy, for being his partner in life and for being the grounding force being the championship. This was followed by a public kiss, which is really something coming from a Chinaman, ha ha ha. Nancy very prettily blushed by his side.

Anyway, enough of my opinions (I have many). If I don't stop now I never will :D

The competition was run on a tight schedule under the firm but calming hand of Chief Adjudicator - Mr Jerry Abrate from Italy. It is the first time I have worked with Mr Abrate and I was pleasantly surprised at the control he maintained over the event. It was indeed a pleasure and an honor to have worked with him. Our Chief Scrutineer was Ms Agnes Ang from Singapore, who again showed her professionalism and amazed me with her efficiency and dedication to her work. She never left me wanting any information, always making sure I had all the details I needed to keep the day running smoothly. I wish I had her with me in every single event. The Music Master of the event was Mr Kason Kee - the only sound system magician I know that has such a good command of this genre of music. As usual he too provided me with amazing professionalism and never let a moment of silence spoil the day and handled the general dancing sections of the evening with his reputed flair. The competitor marshalls, who I never did get to meet personally :( , did an incredible job keeping the competitors together and arranged in their events which again just added to the smooth running of the event. I know there were many of you and I must say your system works like a charm. Here are the details :

Panel of Adjudicators :

  1. Mr Jerry Abrate (Chief Adjudicator) - Italy
  2. Ms Caterina Arzenton - Italy
  3. Mr Espen Salberg - Norway
  4. Mr Roman Stepanov - Russia
  5. Ms Polina Teplenko - Russia
  6. Ms Ekaterina Barulina - Russia
  7. Mr Dirk Bastert - Germany
  8. Mr Akihiro Yokomichi - Japan
  9. Mr Geoffrey Chun - Korea
  10. Mr David Lee - Taiwan
  11. Mr Jacky Zhao Qi - China
  12. Mr Lawrence Chan - Hong Kong
  13. Ms Lana Lo - Hong Kong
  14. Mr Soenarko Josodiarjdjo - Indonesia
  15. Mr Johnny Sucipto - Indonesia
  16. Mr Amon Chatphaisal - Thailand
  17. Mr Uapan Snidvongs - Thailand
  18. Mr John Lim - Malaysia
  19. Mr William Lor - Malaysia
  20. Mr Sunny Low - Singapore
  21. Ms Aleena Tan - Singapore
  22. Mr Louis Ng - Singapore
  23. Mr Sam Fong - Singapore
  24. Mr Allan Tan - Singapore
  25. Mr Henry Tan - Singapore
  26. Mr Tan Why Pong - Singapore
  27. Ms Josephine Tan - Singapore
  28. Mr Steven Han - Singapore
  29. Mr Sammy Soo - Singapore

Champions for Standard :

Beginners W - #130  John Ching & Tan Whye Lynn (Singapore)
Beginners T - #130  John Ching & Tan Whye Lynn (Singapore)
Beginners Q - #130  John Ching & Tan Whye Lynn (Singapore)
Beginners F - #130  John Ching & Tan Whye Lynn (Singapore)
Beginners VW - #130  John Ching & Tan Whye Lynn (Singapore)
Senior Beginners - #34  Alfred & Helen Wee (Singapore)
Novice - #11  Jovyn Low & Sonia Yeo (Singapore)
Pre Amateur - #23  Terrence Low & Shanelle Gooi (Singapore)
Senior Over 55 - #166  Andrew & Rita Yow (Indonesia)
Senior Over 45 - #177  Tay Chan Kok & Karen Tay (Singapore)
Pro-Am W - #165  Stefanskiy Yury & Irina Tikhonova (Russia)
Pro-Am T - #165  Stefanskiy Yury & Irina Tikhonova (Russia)
Pro-Am F - #165  Stefancskiy Yury & Irina Tikhonova (Russia)
Pro-Am Q - #165  Stefanskiy Yury & Irina Tikhonova (Russia)
Pro-Am VW - #165  Stefanskiy Yuri & Irina Tikhonova (Russia)
Pro-Am 3 Dance - #165  Stefanskiy Yuri & Irina Tikhonova (Russia)
Teacher-Student F - #167  Roberto Masanque & Cecilia Chow (Singapore)
Teacher-Student W - #108  Anton Besedin & Tatiana Demidova (Russia)
Teacher-Student VW - #108  Anton Besedin & Tatiana Demidova (Russia)
Teacher-Student Q - #97  Xie Zheng Wang & Catherine Yung (Hong Kong)
Teacher-Student T - #108  Anton Besedin & Tatiana Demidova (Russia)
Teacher-Student 2 Dance - #108  Anton Besedin & Tatiana Demidova (Russia)
Amateur Rising Star - #178  Max Antipin & Bibianah Choo (Singapore)
Pro-Am 4 Dances - #191  Fabrizio Cravero & Doreen Lim (Singapore)
Amateur Open - #84  Gaetano Iavarone & Emanuela Napolitano (Italy)
Professional Open - #164  Warren & Kristi Boyce (United Kingdom)

Champions for Latin :

Beginners CC - #151  Tham Onn Rei & Loke Pui Yan (Malaysia)
Beginners R - #151  Tham Onn Rei & Loke Pui Yan (Malaysia)
Beginners S - #151  Tham Onn Rei & Loke Pui Yan (Malaysia)
Beginners J - #151  Tham Onn Rei & Loke Pui Yan (Malaysia)
Senior Over 55 - #102  Steven & Triena Ong (Singapore)
Senior Over 45 - #47  Pine Ong & Apple Ang (Singapore)
Novice - #153  Kelvin Ong & Nicol Lor (Malaysia)
Pre-Amateur - #118  Kavin R & Lena Chien (Singapore)
Teacher-Student CC - #195  Dmitry Syzrantsev & Tatiana Demidova (Russia)
Teacher-Student R - #195  Dmitry Syzrantsev & Tatiana Demidova (Russia)
Teacher-Student J - #195  Dmitry Syzrantsev & Tatiana Demidova (Russia)
Teacher-Student PD - #195  Dmitry Syzrantsev & Tatiana Demidova (Russia)
Teacher-Student S - #195  Dmitry Syzrantsev & Tatiana Demidova (Russia)
Teacher-Student 2 Dance - #195  Dmitry Syzrantsev & Tatiana Demidova (Russia)
Pro-Am CC - #62  Worapoj Jariyathamrat & Titinan Nakornsri (Thailand)
Pro-Am S - #117  Vitaly Pushkin & Galina Pimochkina (Russia)
Pro-Am R - #62  Worapoj Jariyathamrat & Titinan Nakornsri (Thailand)
Pro-Am PD - #106  Dmitry Syzrantsev & Anna Gorskaya (Russia)
Pro-Am J - #117  Vitaly Pushkin & Galina Pimochkina (Russia)
Pro-Am 3 Dance - #62  Worapoj Jariyathamrat & Titinan Nakornsri (Thailand)
Junior Under 16 - #56  Puttipong Kongsakul & Wisaporn Thirasawaddee (Thailand)
Juvenile Under 12 - #69  Lucas Neo & Shannen Tan (Singapore)
Amateur Rising Star - #56  Puttipong Kongsakul & Wisaporn Thirasawaddee (Thailand)
Pro-Am 4 Dance - #117  Vitaly Pushkin & Galina Pimochkina (Russia)
Amateur Open - #84  Gaetano Iavarone & Emanuela Napolitano (Italy)
Professional Open - #53  Denys Demovskyy & Worapa Jariyathammarat (Thailand)

Special thanks must go out to all the students of SMU Bellare who assisted in the event in every aspect. Without all your invaluable help, life would have been far more difficult for all of us in the front line.

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