Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2011 WDC World Cup 9th Shenzhen China Open Championships

July 23rd, 2011

Back from the 2011 WDC World Cup 9th Shenzhen China Open Championships that ran from the 15th-17th July 2011.

I was delighted to see several Malaysian couples taking part in this now prestigious championship - Loke Tze Hao & Chan Jia Ni, Yong Chun Wai & Yeap Yen Chin, Derek Yap & Joey Chan, Lok Siew Wai & Joey Wong, Dexter Lau & Petrina Ch'ng and our very own Japanese couple that resides here in Malaysia - Osamu & Junko Sakai. Billy Yong & Carmen Choo were also listed in the programme but did not compete this year as I understand they are not quite ready to put their new skills & routine to the test yet on this very competitive floor.

On the final day, the announcement was made that the 2012 championship will run for 4 days !!!! This is largely to allow the organizers to split the heats into smaller groups which will in turn give the couples more space to dance in and a better view for the judges. This will make this already very competitive championship even tougher as the judges wont miss anything! 10th Shenzhen is going to be the Blackpool of Asia !!

Here are some of the pictures that I managed to have taken :

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