Sunday, September 25, 2011

2nd Dance For Fund Dinner Concert - 23rd Sept. 2011, Friday.

The 2nd Dance For Fund (in aid of PERKOBP) organized by Wynette Keng & her amazing ladies was a HUGE success. There was just over 60 tables at the Taman Rahsna Restaurant, in Klang, last night to support the cause with entertainment provided by Malaysia's Golden Voice of Elvis - Mr HT Long. There was a fair amount of line dancing too but Mr Long was the highlight of the evening. He sang 2 sets and enthralled the crowd, especially the special people we were there to raise funds for.

If you have never seen people with learning disabilities have a good time, you should have been there!!! All they needed was a single beat and they would stand up and start to boogie =D When it came time for the actual dancing, they surged to the floor and bopped the night away putting many a dancer to shame with their enthusiasm and energy. Some needed a little encouragement to get to the floor but once they got there, they didn't leave till the music stopped. WOW !!! Music truly does speak to the soul.


Throughout the night we had tables set up to exhibit the handiwork of our special friends, featuring beautiful works of art, homemade soap and CNY cards. Mr Ch'ng (the acting president of PERKOBP) gave Wynette a beautiful framed painting by one of our special friends too. Mr HT Long, who provided his entertaining self free for the evening, had a table to display his 18 albums and had a meet & greet session with his fans. They even had a table where you could go and have your antioxidant levels scanned and be advised on what to do for your health.

The biggest highlight of the evening was of course the handover of funds raised. The official figure was RM 120,050.00 which was an AMAZING amount of money to have been raised from this type of event. It was not all though, as donations continued to come in throughout the night. The beautiful people of Klang really come thru for an cause that was worthy of their contributions and time.

The night finished off with the grand lucky draw with the grandest prize being a 32" Panasonic LCD TV being won.

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