Sunday, November 18, 2012

Current Event - 19th Penang Int. Ballroom Dancing Championship 2012

This prestigious and longest running Malaysian Dancesport championship happens this coming Saturday, 24th Nov. 2012.

Just a few reminders to all competitors :

The championship this year is the largest we've ever had with over 500 entries. Yes, you heard me right - over 500!

This of course means that its going to be a tight, tight, VERY tight schedule and everyone must be prepared to be moved around quick and sharp and you MUST pay attention to the flow of the programme and adjust according to any changes made. Please be flexible everyone, and stay cool. Help the marshals as best you can, please.

The hotel's F&B staff will most likely have to prepare the dinner settings while we wrap up the day events, so there will be a lot of movement in the ballroom towards the late evening. You've been warned so please accommodate them the best you can.

Those of you lucky people who will be staying at the official hotel and get breakfast with your room, take note that we have made arrangements with the kitchen to open the buffet breakfast an hour earlier just for you. It will not be the full service but you will have enough food to fill you up for the hectic day ahead. So breakfast will start at 5am. This is only for hotel guest ya.

BEGINNERS - I've checked the entry form and confirmed that you will have to follow the rules stated. Dress code ; Men - white shirt, black trousers & bow tie, no tail coats for standard events. Ladies - no sequins or rhinestones. Syllabus - only up to the Gold level. Beginners are NOT allowed to participate in any of the Novice level events or higher.

PROGRAMME - the competition will start at 7:00 AM. Yes, I do mean 7 in the morning and it will run until we finish everything. This means - we will have a VERY, very long day. You can all help us wrap things up before the sun comes up the next day by being present for your events and being attentive to the progress of the programme. We will be unable to entertain anyone who 'misses' their event, for whatever reasons, simply cos we will not have any spare time to manipulate. Everything humanly possible will be done to ensure you are in your event but you have to play your part too, ok. Parents and trainers, we need your assistance to ensure the juvenile competitors are sent to the holding area ahead of their events and put into the right lines. Once the children are in their lines, we would greatly appreciate it if all concerned will leave them to the marshals to direct. Thanks!

HIGHLIGHTS - now its undeniable that the attendance to this event has shot thru the roof this year because of who we have participating in the competition - Michael & Joanna, World Latin #1. What is not so widely know is that we will also have one of Asia's highest ranking couples performing for us - Deng Ying Zhong & Mo Shu Lin. On top of that, we will also have (time permitting) honor dances by the Professional Open champions at the end of the night/beginning of the next day.

What more can I say except ALL THE BEST, good luck and lets have a great championship by working together towards a common goal.

Ms. B xoxoxo

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