Saturday, June 7, 2008

Line Dance Workshop - Kota Kinabalu, 3rd May

I was invited by a lovely lady named Beeda to conduct a technique & styling workshop for Line Dancers in Kota Kinabalu in Dec 2007. However, due to committments and festivities we only managed to get a date together this year and I'm sooooooo glad we did.

First of all Beeday herself is a wonderfully warm lady and a really keen dancer. Together with another teacher, Annie, they met me at the KK airport and gave me a light breakfast overlooking the Marina. What a beautiful place to enjoy breakfast.

I was then taken to the workshop venue and introduced to my first group of wonderfully enthusiastic dancers. They had already learnt the steps for the dances that I was going to elaborate on and we raring to learn how to make it technically sound and master some great styling. What a PLEASURE it was to have such a like minded crowd. I enjoyed every hot, sweaty second I had with them. With the first group I managed to cover a cuban (Guajira by Sebastian Holtland) and a funky (Dont Need a Man by Darren Bailey & Lana Williams). The second group covered a cuban too (Going All The Way by Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher) and a lilt (Cherry Poppin' by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris).

We had a total of more then 60 people which was the reason we broke the workshop into two groups so I could give more attention to individuals. There was some real talent in the groups too. Unfortunately I had only managed to allocate one day for the workshop and therefore did not have time to socialize with the attendees. Never fear!!! Because I had such great fun with you all, I promise to make more time during my next visit. That way we'll all be able to chat a bit and possibly shake backsides more together.

Thank you ALL, especially Beeda and Annie for your efforts and warm welcome and keeping me hydrated :) I'm so looking forward to going back again.

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