Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Singapore Millennium 2008 - 27th April 2008

It was great being back in Singapore and working with John & Josephine Tan, the organizers of the championship. This was their 9th championship in a row despite the many problems they've had in the history of the championship e.g. SARS etc.

There were a great number of couples this year (almost 250) and a panel of 21 international adjudicators led by Chief Adjudicator - Mr David Roberts (UK). Together with the scrutineers, which were led by Ms Agnes Ang, it was a tightly run championship which ran smack on time with few problems as we had a well seasoned team.

The couples in the Amatuer levels were incredible with many very evenly matched couples on the floor at the same time. Here are the results -

Latin Grand Senior - Tommy Gunawan & Krista, Indonesia
Latin Senior - Vincent Law & Lydia Yung, Singapore
Latin Novice - Karrent TAsman & Barita Sinesa, Indonesia
Latin Amateur Rising Star Closed - Jefferson Pimentel & Virgianie Oyao, Philippines
Latin Pre-Amateur - Jack Goh & Aurelia Hong, Singapore
Latin Teacher/Student 4 dance - Denis Kozinov & Viktoryia Bogucharskaia, Russia
Latin Amateur Closed Asia-Pac - Arkady Bakenow & Rosa Filippello, New Zealand
Latin Amateur Open - Anton Karpov & Khrystyna Moshenska, Russia
Latin Juvenile Open - Huen Tak Kin & Mak Tsz Kwan, Hong Kong
Latin Teacher/Student 3 dance - Larry Iguidez Jr & Anna Periquet, Philippines
Latin Teacher/Student 2 dance - Denis Tsarev & Elena Dobashina, Russia
Latin Junior Open - Chan Hing Wei & Chan Chui Mei, China
Latin Youth Open - Jefferson Pimentel & Virgianie Oyao, Philippines
Latin Junior Closed SEA - Karrent Hasman & Narita Sinesa, Indonesia

Std. Junior Open - Roman Ishutin & Yuliya Motygina, Russia
Std. Pre-Amateur - Eric Labita & Lim Eng Ai, Singapore
Std. Grand Senior - Jaap & Marianne Willemstein, Netherlands
Std. Novice - Jonas Napoli & Carol Cheng, Philippines
Std. Senior - Leodegario Marante & Michelle Liem, Indonesia
Std. Amateur Closed Asia Pac - Li Wei Ping & Sun Jia, China
Std. Teacher/Student 3 dance - Antonio Micheli & Ong Lu Yi, Singapore
Std. Youth Open - Dariusz Mycka & Hanna Zudziewicz, Poland
Std. Teacher/Student 2 dance - Andrzej Sadecki & Catherine Kasim, Indonesia
Std. Teacher/Student 4 dance - Livanne Jo & Bianca Tonizzo, Australia
Std. Amateur Rising Star Closed SEA - Leodegario Marante & Michelle Liem, Indonesia
Std. Amateur Open - Benedetto Ferruggia & Cludia Koehler, Germany

Congratulations to all the winners and all the best in your next championship.

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