Saturday, February 7, 2009

2009 !!!


I'm finally back on line with my blog. I am once again aiming to try to keep people informed on things I consider important in my corner of the world and on what I'm doing to spread my passion on achieving Fitness thru Dance. Aside from my existing, long standing classes in :

1. Freestyle Jazz
2. Freestyle in Line
3. Social Dancing
4. Fusion Line Dancing

which are conducted in several locations in the Klang Valley. The new fitness classes I'm introducing this year are :

1. Dancefit in Line
2. Ballet Fit
3. Cardio Dance

Stay tuned as i discover how to post the discriptions of these classes here. If you can't wait, just go check out my website at where my brilliant webmistress will have done an effortless job at posting it there.

On another note - as the CNY draws to a close the competitive Dancesport scene in Asia is springing to life. The first event I'll be involved in will be the 2009 Open Asian Dancesport Tour which will cover Japan, Malaysia, Korea and Macau in the first leg of the year. More news on this to come but I can let you know that it will commence 22nd Feb. 09 in Tokyo, Japan.

I shall be back with more news. Meanwhile, enjoy 2009 and good luck at keeping your resolutions.

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