Monday, January 3, 2011

17th Penang International Open Ballroom Dancing Championship 2011 - 27th Nov. 2010 (Saturday)

The 17th chapter of this now very well known championship had an overwhelming number of entries this year, the largest number in its history - 352 couples in total !! And together with the huge entry was its largest panel of adjudicators. This successful event is organized by the Malaysian Dancers Association (MDA) which is headed by Dato Dr Henry Ooi, the President of MDA together with the Penang State Government Tourism Board. This year the championship also included the 1st Penang ADC Amateur League Open Championship as part of its events. Its main sponsors were Penang State Government, SP Setia Bhd Group, Pensonic, Da Ma Cai, Astro & The Hour Glass.

The day had to start at 7am in order for us to complete all the events and the prize presentation of the day events had to be held in the foyer of the ballroom to allow the competition to continue inside the hall. Therefore I do not have the full list of champions for this championships so you'll have to be satisfied with the little that I do have.

Panel of Adjudicators

1. Mr Isao Nakagawa (Chief Adjudicator) - Japan
2. Mr Karl Breuer
3. Mr Michael Stylianos
4. Ms Kym Smith
5. Mr Akihiro Yokomichi
6. Ms Hidemi Yamamoto
7. Mr Ji Xiao Ming
8. Mr Manfred Wang
9. Ms Angel Long
10. Mr Soenarko Josodiharjo
11. Mr David Lee
12. Mr Geoffrey Chun
13. Mr Kenny Kwan
14. Ms Wanthanee Kanchana
15. Mr Ariel Llanillo
16. Ms Jane Liu
17. Mr Steven Tan
18. Mr Lawrence Chan
19. Mr Kenji Po
20. Sun Wei Ying
21. Zhang Xiang Guo
22. Mr Teng Hui
23. Mr Dharshan Vijesooriya
24. Mr Johnny Sucipto
25. Mr Edgar Borromeo
26. Yong-Ran Lee
27. Mr Jerry Abrate
28. Mr Teh Swee Guan
29. Mr William Lor
30. Datin Goh Suat Guat
31. Mr Anthony Keung
32. Mr Alex Lim
33. Mr Benny Chan
34. Ms Grace Chan
35. Mr John Lim
36. Mr Lee Boon Teong
37. Mr Tam Kong Choy
38. Mr James Ooi
39. Ms Josephine Seow
40. Ms Alice Hor
41. Ms Kelly Goh
42. Mr Michael Yeap
43. Mr Raymond Tee
44. Ms Irine Au
45. Ms Louis Low
46. Mr Chan Gim Choo
47. Mr John Lee
48. Mr Ooi Hock Seng
49. Ms Annie Oo
50. Mr Billion Yong
51. Mr Bong Yoon Chun
52. Mr Thomas Tan

Scrutineer : Mr Nixon Ong & team


Latin Professional Open : #6 Zhao Liang & Guo Xue (China)

Std. Professional Open : #30 Aleksander Zhiratkov & Irina Novozhil Ovapopovic (Russia)

Latin Asia Amateur : #266 Wu Hao & Qin Yi (China)

Std. Asia Amateur : #163 Johnston Lim & Nicole Tan (Malaysia)

Latin Pro. Asia Rising Star : #352 Liu Xiao & Wei Wei (China)

Std. Pro. Asia Rising Star : #316 Zhang Hao & Song Xiao Rong (China)

Latin Pro-Am C : #141 Loke Sze Hao & Yoko Takahashi (Malaysia)

Latin Pro-Am B : #141 Loke Sze Hao & Yoko Takahashi (Malaysia)

Std. Pro-Am C : #18 Chan Hung Ming & Liang Xia Xiang

Std. Pro-Am B : #336 Stanizlav Zelyanin & Lilian Wong (Singapore)

Latin Open Amateur : #4  Ma Jia Jun & Xu Qian (China)


Congratulations to all our Champions ! I'm afraid that's all the results I have from this championship. If you need more information, feel free to contact the organizers - Malaysian Dancers Association at


Suzanne Thong said...

Thanks Bronya, for the schedule of events, to keep us updated. Appreciate ur effort to keep this blog so up-to-date, a good source of information for me who's still green in this huge family! A very Happy New Year to u and ur family, may d year of the Rabbit brings u lotsa happiness and good health!

Ms B said...

Its my pleasure Suzanne. I do my best but do sometimes fall behind. If you know of any events that I don't post here please do keep me informed.

Happy new year to you too.