Friday, January 14, 2011

10th BDFI Malaysian Open Dancesport Championships 2011 - 9th January 2011

First off let me clarify the title of this championship which caused me quite a bit of confusion as BDFI (Ballroom Dancers Federation International) has only just arrived in Malaysia in 2010 and I was baffled at how 9 events could have possibly been run between then and now. This is actually the 10th Malaysian Open Dancesport Championships run by organizers Y. S Lee & Amy Lee and it is the first time that they have been sanctioned by BDFI. So by right, this event was ALSO the 1st KL BDFI Open Dancesport Championship. BDFI held its first Malaysian championship in Taiping last year and it looks like we'll be having many more this year around Malaysia. Look out for the 2nd Taiping BDFI and the 1st Ipoh BDFI coming this year.

The event was held at the Olympic Council of Malaysia Sports Complex here in KL. This was the first competition of the year in Malaysia for Dancesport and it was a very comfortable event. Its been quite a while since we've been able to start the day at a civilized 9am for registration, 10am for rehearsals and 11am for the championship. Competitions in KL, over the past year, have been getting so massive that it had become necessary for many organizers to have to start the day off at 6am and only manage to finish at 1am the next day. So this was indeed pleasant. Registration ran smoothly with several last minute entries and withdrawals, which is the norm. The dance floor was packed during rehearsals so it was necessary to break it up into groups, specially for the juvenile dancers, for safety purposes.

The competition itself started slightly behind time but we managed to catch up and run according to schedule fairly easily after that with Mr Jimmy Heng handling the marshaling in his own efficient manner. The judges had the usual little bit of confusion with the score sheets in the beginning but we sorted it all out quickly and Ms Susan (from Nixon Ong's scrutineering team) was soon churning out results at top speed. There was a surprise but very welcomed entry into the competition as one of Malaysia's top Amateur couple returned to the general competitive circuit. New partnerships were seen and several dancers were also seen in between partners, thus is looks like its going to be an interesting year for us here in Malaysia for Dancesport competition.

Here are the details -


A.  Mr John Lim (Chief Adjudicator) - Selangor
B.  Ms Brenda So - Hong Kong
C.  Ms Hui Wei Lee - Hong Kong
D.  Mr Erwan Phanjaya - Indonesia
E.  Mr Alonggod Nutsati - Thailand
F.  Mr Sammy Soo - Singapore
G.  Mr Chong Kim Yee - KL
H.  Mr Joe Chew - KL
I.  Ms Jovy Wong - KL
J.  Ms Judy Ong - KL
K.  Ms Josephine Seow - Selangor
L.  Mr Michael Yong - Selangor
M.  Ms Lim Soo Yien - Selangor
N.  Ms Yeap Yen Chin - Perak
O.  Ms Irene Au - Perak
P.  Mr Siow Boon Wah - Johor
Q.  Ms Reena Leong - Ng. Sembilan
R.  Ms May Chean - Ng. Sembilan

A comfortable total of 75 events were run with event ranging from the new trend of Solo Juvenile to Ladies Latin and the organizers own ADC (Amy Dancesport Center) events.


Std. Masters 1 : #103 - Andrew Yow & Rita Rahardjo (Indonesia)

Std. Novice : #80 - Adriel Tan & Aw Sim Li (KL)

Std. Beg. Foxtrot : #77 - Billy Seah & Madeline Ashlee Lok (KL)

Std. Beg. Waltz : #89 - Adrian Tan & Amelia Henderson (KL)

Std. Junior Under 16 : #26 - Shaun Chew & Raena Low (Selangor)

Std. Beg. Tango : #77 - Billy Seah & Madeline Ashlee Lok (KL)  AND
                          #104 - Loy Kok Loong & Lee Poh Leng (Pahang)

Std. Beg. Waltz Under 12 : #2 - James Ng & Miyaki Teng (KL)

Std. Beg. Quickstep : #24 - Alan Ho & Evelyn Lim (Selangor)

Std. Malaysia Amateur Closed : #18 - Johnston Lim & Nicole Tan (Selangor)

Std. Beg. Quickstep Under 12 : #129 - Kelvin Low Kah Weng & Alicia Poh (KL)

Latin Ladies Open : #35 - Apple Gam & Veryne Lim (KL)

Latin Beg. Cha Cha : #76 - Ian Yap Yew An & Gan Kar Mern (KL)

Latin Beg. Samba : #135 - Foong Hau Ming & Ice Kwan (Perak)

Latin Masters 2 : #55 - Bryan Tan & Nancy Liow (Johor)

Latin Beg. Rumba : #135 - Foong Hau Ming & Ice Kwan (Perak)

Latin Beg. Jive : #33 - Joshua Ng & Fish Chia (KL)

Latin Novice : #124 - Gary Ng & Tomiko Foo (KL)

Latin Malaysia Amateur Closed : #99 - Alfred Choo & Cecilia Yong (KL)

Latin Solo Open : #205 - Lim Zhe Qi (KL)

Latin Solo Under 8 Cha Cha : #231 - Lee Ching Tung (Hong Kong)

Latin Solo Under 8 Jive : #231 - Lee Ching Tung (Hong Kong)

Latin Girls Under 12 : #11 - Lim Zhe Qi & Shermin Won (KL)

Latin Beg. Under 12 Cha Cha : #2 - James Ng & Miyaki Teng (KL)

Latin Beg. Under 12 Jive : #2 - James Ng & Miyaki Teng (KL)

Latin Masters 1 : #17 - Zhou Lin & Cheng Yee Kwan (China)

Latin Junior Under 16 : #27 - Harry Oon & Dionne Leong (Selangor)

Latin 'ADC' Solo Under 8 : #244

Latin Juvenile Under 8 : #109 - Nicholas Wong Kai Li & Lee Shin Yee (KL)

Std. Masters 1 : #103 - Andrew Yow & Rita Rahardjo (Indonesia)

Latin Solo Under 12 Cha Cha : #204 - Shermin Won (KL)

Std. Pre-Amateur : #22 - Samuel Sum & Valerie Lim (Selangor)

Latin Solo Under 12 Jive : #204 - Shermin Won (KL)

Std. Rising Star : #22 - Samuel Sum & Valerie Lim (Selangor)

Latin 'ADC' Under 12 : #2 - James Ng & Miyaki Teng (KL)

Latin 'ADC' Under 12 Solo : #203 - Angeline Ong (KL)

Latin Juvenile Under 12 : #135 - Foong Hau Ming & Ice Kwan (Perak)

Latin Pre-Amateur : #124 - Gary Ng & Tamiko Foo (KL)

Latin Rising Star : #8 - Chan Chian Sing & Emy Farrah Elena (KL)

Std. Amateur Open : #18 - Johnston Lim & Nicole Tan (Selangor)

Latin Amateur Open : #99 - Alfred Choo & Cecilia Yong (KL)

Congratulations everyone! It was an exciting event, specially in the Novice, Pre-Amateur, Rising Star & Amateur events. It looks like a challenging year ahead for those in the circuit. Can't wait to see how everyone progresses thru the year. Train hard, communicate and stay dedicated. Good luck !!!!!


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hi dear, i would to know more about your blog post and the upcoming event. Email me please :)


Ms B said...

Hello Mija.

The upcoming events list in posted on the right hand side of this blog. It is also posted in my Facebook page - Bronya Bishorek if that is easier for you.

I'm sorry I dont have enough time to maintain a mailing list to readers. I hope you understand.

Happy new year !