Friday, January 2, 2015


And so we've made it into another fresh new year. 2014 was a difficult year, not just for my home country (Malaysia) but for the whole world. Challenges were felt on every continent and economies went on roller coaster rides everywhere.

The dancing world did not escape and many dancers, studios and organizers felt the pinch and the struggles. Most of the well established organizers continued with their events to uphold their names, reputations and their promise to dancers to provide world class competitions. Bravo !!!!

2014 also brought in many new partnerships throughout the year and the end of it saw the announcements of the end of several long term partnerships as partners moved on in their lives or developed new partnerships. Sad but exciting news.

It also saw the announcements of many couples deciding to move up to the professional level which means we'll be seeing a lot more competition for the existing professional couples and perhaps new champions in the amateur level.

All in all, 2015 is going to be an exciting year in dance. Organizers will be struggling in the falling economy but most are persevering and carrying on. Keep your eye on the listings, to follow, as I add notes to events that were earlier announced but had to withdraw. We look forward to Thailand coming back after a year of uncertainty due to their country's political situation.

To all dancers - keep the spirit fresh & alive and never, ever think you're good enough. Always strive to work harder, smarter and efficiently. See you all in Asia, soon!

The Voice of Dance, in Asia.


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