Sunday, April 6, 2008

Asia Pacific Dance Xplosion Workshop - 6th April 2008

Well well, a day filled with dance has ended, phew!!!

I was an inviated instructor at the first APDX workshop and was the first of 5 instructors in the workshop section. The day started at 9am and I had a really enjoyable hour teaching two of the dances that will be featured in the actual competition on July 20th (Soul Sister & Do Dat Dance). The crowd was responsive and eager to get started, something that certainly makes teaching a much more enjoyable experience. After I passed off to Lily Chin to continue, I had to rush off to conduct my Freestyle Jazz class in Kota Damansara so was unable to stay on for the rest of the workshop but I'm sure I left everything in capable hands with the other instructors - Lily Chin, Lim Sai Min, Susan and Joanne.

I returned just before 3pm to see Alvin giving the guest details of the upcoming competition and all it had to offer. After that the party continued with everyone enjoying themselves with the general dancing. Showtime followed soon with an opening performance by Rebecca and two incredibly talented male hip hop/breakdancers. There were also performances by the 5 instructors. Lily Chin performed a medley during which her youngest son joined her on the floor, adding some hip hop favour to her performance. Sai Min and myself performed solo with Sai Min giving us a beautiful waltz and lively cha cha. I pulled together a quick medley of 4 of my class peices which I hope was well received :) Susan and Joanne both performed with teams of their students and gave us all a good show. Later on the Joyclub students added to the showtime with some lively performances from the juveniles and juniors - good show everyone!

After more general dancing and some tea, during which I took the opportunity to catch up with some of the many other teachers that were there to support the event, the organizing committee encouraged dancers who were first time competitors to come to the floor for a mini competition and a good number hit the floor enthusiastically. The dance chosen was Part Time Lover which is a lively Jive styled dance. After a semi-final, 6 finalist were selected by the 5 judges and the finals commenced which much support from the crowd. The top 3 were clear winners with most of the judges decision being unanimous. Congratulations to the 3 winners!!!!!

I had to leave soon after that to collect my sons and to celebrate my eldest son's birthday. It certainly was a successful event by all accounts. The prizes presented to the 3 winners were certainly generous with values ranging from RM500-RM1500 I believe. As I left I also saw many more lovely big hampers for the luckly draws so the guest were certainly going to be well taken care off. It was a good start to their nationwide tour that will lead up to their Championship in July. I wish Joyclub all the best in their endevours and look forward to their July event.

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